When Is a Jumpsuit More Than a Jumpsuit?

Jumpsuits – you either love them or hate them. They can be a fashion saviour, easy to throw on and form a complete total outfit. They have morphed from a fashion moment to a wardrobe staple for many women’s closets and the High Street. On This Morning I dressed three ladies of different shapes and sizes from curvy figures, petite and tall…


The navy blue jumpsuit is from Monsoon, priced £69. I love its drapey fabric, and as most of you might know at this point, navy is one of my go-to colours. It’s comfortable, great for curvy women because it shows off the waist and best of all can be worn to go out with a lovely long necklace to cut it up. Another great piece is from Jasper Conran at Debenhams , which comes in size 8-20. The white and navy stripe tie belt culotte jumpsuit is another great piece for getting that summer look.











When you’re petite, consider rolling up the trouser leg, if you show your ankle you look taller…

The jumpsuit soft khaki denim below is from TU from Sainsbury’s and it ranges from size 8-28. An alternative could be this sweet petite strappy floral jumpsuit from Topshop.




There is proof that you can shop at Topshop at any age and find cool clothes that will look amazing on you. I believe when you are in your late 6o’s it’s all about structure and tailoring. Consider this jumpsuit from Topshop that has a   white shirt as part of the one piece. Beautifully cut and very elegant, as well as the below black-off-the shoulder jumpsuit – from Reiss.




And for those who can’t wear a jumpsuit, as they are always too short in the crutch area, consider a two-piece option from Zara


My outfit is a Warehouse jumpsuit, it has pockets so it’s very easy to wear. I find very difficult to find one that fits because I am quite long in the body. The versatility of separates with the clever duplicity of camouflaging as a jumpsuit results in more options from your wardrobe.

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