What is Your Best Nude/Bare Lip?

Many women ask which is the best nude lip for their skin, hair and eye tones. Nude can be tricky on so many levels. For the last few years it has become the fashion colour with a smokey eye, and has become established as a classic by Charlotte Tilbury and her fantastic take on the flick eye and nude lip.
But let’s first talk about the description NUDE, what does that say to you?

To me this is often associated with white people’s natural colour, and not everyone like that but it has become a default description. Well I suggest we might rename nude BareI think this lip look is about choosing your most flattering shade closest, or a maximum of one shade lighter, to what nature best owed on your lips.
When I go for a nude lip I have to be wearing make-up or I feel it can wash me out. My blush colour must not clash with the tone, so nothing mad, and I need to be wearing flattering clothes – i.e no white, as by itself it’s too washing out. For skin tones caramel and above, I think a bare lip can be worn with less make up, as your natural skin shade is not washing you out. And I can wear a bare lip shade without any other make up if I have some bronzer, or a slight tan…
I’m sorry we didn’t get to include a redhead, or a grey haired, we will get there I promise.
And in the meantime here is a selection of who was in the office today and willing to model a lip!


Federica is wearing NYX butter gloss in Madeleine

Rosie is in Bare Minimals GEN NUDE Buttercream Lipgloss in Tantalize

Chloe is wearing Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick Famous in Monogamous

Anjoli is wearing Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder in Brazilian nude

Ethel is wearing Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in Penelope Pink

Soala is wearing Rosie by Autograph by Silk Cami

I am wearing wearing Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Nude No 21

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  1. sara taylor
    sara taylor says:

    Hi Trinny,
    I would love to come and be a part of what you are doing. My passion and enthusiasm needs nothing more than to take part! I have been a huge fan for so long. I am 45 and 5’3″, size 6/8 with Auburn hair ( obviously coloured roots), with some caramel highlights through the ends. I am generally shy but would love to meet you so willing to overcome my shyness!
    Sara x

  2. Maria
    Maria says:

    Hi Trinni, I love all your videos. I found you a few months ago and look forward to every video you put out, love the nudes you show really gives me a great idea as to which way to go, also, I’m always loving all your beautiful blouses. Please please let us know who makes this beautiful blouse, thank you maria

  3. Miss Plum
    Miss Plum says:

    Hi Trinny great choices for all the girls! Something a bit personal I’m afraid, I know how honest you are . I love following your beauty journey and was wondering if you have filler? Under eyes? I had some last year and it made me look like someone entirely different. I looked like Amanda Holden .

    • Trinny
      Trinny says:

      I had something years ago that was all removed. Generally I do Botox, Dracula facial, and my intense daily routine and lots of lifting massage.

      • Miss Plum
        Miss Plum says:

        Thank you I will follow your lead , before I found you on YouTube I was lucky if I took my makeup off with a baby wipe. Now I exfoliate every day and am religious with skin care. You are fabulous xx


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