Free Fall Tuesday: Lip Balms & Evening Make-Up Routine Please find the list of the products I used in today's video below: SKINCARE Ole Henriksen Truth sugar glow polishing mask DCL-Hydrating treatment mask Rodin- Facial…

Lip Lines - What Products Actually Help?

In the last few years I've become bothered by the lines around my mouth. Some days are better than others, the usual pollutant culprits (sun, smoke, and sugar) affect how noticeably they appear from day to day, but the…

When a Foundation Is Not Just a Foundation

When a foundation is not just a foundation? As a teenager, suffering from the ravages of chronic acne, I pancaked my foundation to eradicate any spots and scaring; the only problem being that where I had a fully developed head, it all became a rather unsightly smorgasbord. I see so many girls in their teens sometimes with great flawless skin doing exactly the same routine. Perhaps this camouflaging is a rite of passage, a way to 'hide' by saying