Shop Up Revelation at French Connection

Having totally given up on French Connection for the last ten years, I was staggered to find so many fantastic things in store. This kind of turn around for a brand really makes my job fun – although the downside is, the prices have gone up but so has the quality. So if you want to invest in statement pieces for a long term summer wardrobe then look no further.

Some of my pieces below:


ONI Lace Mix Flared Cotton Dress 

ONI Lace Mix Shirt 

Hesse Embroidered Maxi Dress – summer white 

Nuru Schiffley Striped Peplum Shirt – salt water/summer white 

Nuru Schiffley Lace Cotton Skirt – salt water/summer white 

Nuru Schiffley Mix Striped Dress – salt water/summer white 

Ruby Sheer Textured Shirt – winter white 

Altman Solid Jersey Joggers – indigo solid 

French Connection Manzoni Lace Dress, Meru Blue 

Manzoni 3D Floral Lace Shirt – summer white 

Sundae Suiting Double Breast Blazer – summer white 

Manzoni 3D Floral Lace Maxi Dress – summer white 

Rene Lace Maxi Dress 

Hofmann Stitch Bomber Jacket – summer white 


Core Trio Cross Body Bag – grey/utility blue 

Core Small Satchel Bag 


Grecian Moon Cuff Bracelet – gold/horn 


Slider Sneakers – silver canvas 

Suede And Leather Trainers – navy suede/navy leather 

Many of you were asking about my outfit, the Jacket is an old Zara favourite and my tote bag is from ALAIA 


Get inspired ladies!







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