Shop-Up At DECIEM…The Ordinary Range LAID BARE

I’ve been meaning to go to this store for 6 months before as much as I love DECIEM and all the products that they make (i.e. The Ordinary, NIOD, The Abnormal Beauty Company). I equally find their product descriptions really confusing and I really never know what I actually suit. So I decided to go and question them all and see how well they knew their products and found some interesting answers…

Have a look at some of my favourite products:

NIOD- Voicemail Masque

NIOD- Photography Fluid Opacity 12%

NIOD- Photography Fluid Tan Opacity PF Tan 8%

NIOD- Hydration Vaccine 


Hylamide- C25 Stabilised Vitamin C Booster

Hylamide- Sensitive Fix Booster

Hylamide- Low Molecular HA Booster


The Ordinary- Advanced Retinoid 2%

The Ordinary- AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

The Ordinary- Azelaic acid suspension 10%


Hand Chemistry- Heel Hydration Complex

Hand Chemistry- Ha3 Hand Hydrator

Hand Chemistry- Extreme Hydration Complex

Hand Chemistry- Intense youth complex

Fountain- The Phyto- collagen molecule





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  1. Susan Makrauer
    Susan Makrauer says:

    I just received an order of products from The Ordinary today. I’m looking forward to trying them! The price point is amazing and I hope to see good results. I am so tired of spending $$$on products that promise and don’t deliver.

  2. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    Trinny I would recommend that you try the Heel Chemistry as a hand cream. I used it morning and night (without fail) really slathering it on, for 2 weeks and the difference it made was incredible. The skin on my hands had been so dry it was flaky, they are now soft and smooth. An incredible product.

  3. LMG
    LMG says:

    Looking forward to your product reviews Trinny. I managed to get my head around the Niod products (with some effort), but the Ordinary products are ridiculously complicated.

  4. Isabella
    Isabella says:

    Hello! I’ve just purchased a few The Ordinary products and would love to watch this video but it doesn’t seem to work. It says it’s unavailable because it’s private. Is there another link? Isabella


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