Wedding and Party Wear For Every Occasion...

Finally ladies, we are talking occasion wear at Selfridges in Oxford street, a shop you might think of as a prohibitive store. It has some mid range priced pieces in, a good investment for your growing Summer wardrobe.

Monday Musings - AHA New Masks & Face Wake-Up to Make-Up Ladies listed below are the products that I spoke about in today’s video…  SKINCARE The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution Studio 10 Miracle Effect Serum CosMedix- Opti…

Monday Musings- skin, hair & make up...

Over the weekend, I visited my daughter Lyla in the Dordogne, an unbelievably beautiful area in the South West of France. On my journey, I drove through picturesque, quaint little towns - it was utterly delightful, but I ate far too much.

Shop Up Revelation at French Connection

Having totally given up on French connection for the last ten years, I was staggered to find so many fantastic things in store. This kind of turn around for a brand really makes my job fun

Spring/Summer Shop Up at ...& Other Stories

The warmer weather is at the doors and it’s time to freshen up the depths of our winter wardrobes with pops of colour and funky accessorises – and we will be ready for the Summer.

Free Fall Tuesday...

There is no intro today ladies as it was such a free the best thing is for you to have a look at the links to my favourite products below

My Secret 7 SPF Products #11

Hello ladies, It is a gorgeous, cloud free day in London today and it's the kind of weather where we all should begin to think about starting to apply an SPF. I used to be an appalling sun bunny myself. I used sun beds and when I was at boarding school I would lie in the sun on tin foil and smother my skin in olive oil.

My Secret 7 Vitamin C Products #10

Spring has finally sprung and vitamin C is an excellent way to revitalise and brighten the skin after it having being exposed to the harsh winter months.

Monday Musings - Spring Haul and Hair Friends Experiments...

Today we discussed lots of issues but a topic we continually return to is ADULT SPOTS... If you notice or feel a bombardment of unwanted friends appearing on your skin in your 40’s, then these could be various signs of the perimenopause.