My Secret Seven Masks #8

I have been utterly obsessed with masks since I was 13. There are masks for literally every occasion and skin type. There are days where I use a mask regime to give my skin a weekly facial, and others when I really need my skin to dramatically change as quickly as possible. It’s incredibly difficult to keep this list to 7 products so I have probably snuck in a few extras, but for now I am trying to give you one mask in each category.

My Secret 7 Daily Moisturisers #7

Ladies you all ask me what is the best everyday moisturiser, and this is a selection of my favourites. Moisturisers that I've used for a long time, and loved. Starting from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Colour Blocking For Every Size Spring is on its way and this means bringing colour back into our wardrobes. On This Morning I dressed three lovely ladies of different shapes and sizes in bright and block…

How I do My Curls - Blow Dry Tutorial

Everyone’s hair is different so I can only tell you what I do for mine. My main issues are that if I didn’t blow-dry my hair properly, it would be frizzy and dry - that means that I use conditioning products,

A little layering...

Many of you find my continual shop ups bad for your bank balances, so today I wanted to inspire you in your own wardrobe….

Monday Musings Wake Up to Make up a bit of a Shop Up

This morning was a little all over the shop, but I hope you got some good tips out of it...I talked about my routine, tried out some new high-end and low-end beauty products, and then we did one of my favourite things

Choosing Your Perfect Pink Lip

How many of you wear pink lips? I think it's much harder to choose your perfect pink lip shade than it is to choose a red one.

What is Your Best Nude/Bare Lip?

Many women ask which is their best nude for their skin, hair and eye tones. Nude can be tricky on so many levels...

Which Red Lip Are You?

Finding the right red lip can be tricky - many women avoid a bright lip because they don't know their shade, are worried it comes off on their teeth, or makes them look yellow, or just feel over made up.