My Secret 7 Masks #8


I have been utterly obsessed with masks since I was 13. There are masks for literally every occasion and skin type. There are days where I use a mask regime to give my skin a weekly facial, and others when I really need my skin to dramatically change as quickly as possible. It’s incredibly difficult to keep this list to 7 products so I have probably snuck in a few extras, but for now I am trying to give you one mask in each category.


Skin Waker Uppers

GlamGlow Mask-Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

One product to use that will most definitely wake up your skin is the GlamGlow mask. I have used this product since the month it came out a few years ago, and of all their masks they now have five, I still think this is their best one. If you are wanting to look great on a night out, put it on for 10 minutes let it dry and wash off with warm water. It will tingle a little when it’s on which is the French sea clay and volcanic minerals activating on your skin.

Andalou- Pumpkin Glycolic Brightening Mask

Andalou have one of the best enzyme masks on the market, and for an organic range, this mask is very active. It contains Pumpkin puree  which is rich in beta carotene and good for renewing dormant cells and regenerating healthy ones. It also contains a blend of Manuka honey, Aloe Vera, pineapple juice and other enzyme ingredients  which help brighten and plump up the skin.

Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant VIP 02

Another clay-based mask is the Biologique Recherche. This product is packed with rich amino acids, live yeast, cucumber and witch hazel extracts. These ingredients will really wake up your skin and revitalise it. The smell is not good, I have to say resembles a Swiss farmyard (healthy outdoor with a bit of poo in the air)  – but so worth the journey.

Eve Lom’s Rescue Mask

If I’ve had a bit of a spotty week, I will still reach, after having gently squeezed the offending culprit for Eve Lom’s Rescue Mask. This clay based product which contains the magical camphor, soothes the skin and make it feel less angry and agitated. Also contains Kaolin Clay which absorbs all the excess oils and reduces puffiness.

Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalising Mask

Another enzyme mask I am loving which I’ve only just been re-introduced to is by the fantastic New York facialist, Dr.Mario Badescu. The active include enzymes made from papaya fruit extracts which help break down dead skin cells.  This is a very well priced product that focuses on the ingredients more than the packaging.
Glycolic masks

Dr Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Mask

An exfoliation product I have used endlessly over the last 5 years are Dr Sebagh’s glycolic exfoliating mask. I have always gone back to this product when I need some glycolic exfoliation. This glycolic and lactic acid mask works its magic on dry and sensitive skin as it has antibacterial properties of Azelaic acid which help nourish poor hydrated areas. If you want to start this process gently, Dr Sebagh does an exfoliating mask for sensitive and normal skin.

Natura Bisse Glyco Extreme

This mask works on the glycolic acids eating away more intensely at your dead skin cells. There are five Alpha- hydroxyl acids also called (AHA’s) which are the key ingredients. Firstly, contains Glycolic acid, which is derived from sugar, tartaric acid, derived from grapes & bananas and lastly Citric and Lactic acid, lactic acid being derived from milk. These strong acids eat away all the dead cells and make room for new ones. If you have ruffled skin like mine which can take anything, then try the Natura Bisse Extreme Glyco Peel. For a mammoth night out, I use an exfoliator then glyco peel from Natura Bisse, followed by the Glam Glow mask and finish with Sisley’s Black Rose Cream mask.


Hydrating masks

320 Megahertz mask Rose Otto hydrating face mask

If you have a combination of dry skin areas but might also suffer from spots and you need a mask that deals with both, consider 320 Megahertz mask Rose Otto hydrating face mask. This brand launched last year with 4 products all based on Rose Otto (they have a fabulous face oil which I will talk about soon). This mask contains active ingredients, French green clay saturated in premium Rose Otto Moringa seed oil which has 100% more purity than argan oil. This product is a very active and bio- energetic treatment which contains natural oil extracts that deliver visible results instantly.

Sisley Black Rose Mask

The ultimate Rose hydrating mask has to still be Sisley’s Black Rose mask, it literally soaks up all your dryness and at the same time absorbs well, and doesn’t leave a heavy weight on your skin once you have tissued off the excess. This product has acids as the key ingredients and these help exfoliate and scrape off the dead layer of skin for a faster cell turnover. The magical ingredient in this mask is the Azelaic acid which has antibacterial properties, and therefore help to deal with acne prone skin and rosacea sufferers, as it decreases inflammation and redness.


Badly behaved skin rescuers

Boots No.7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask

No. 7 beautiful skin is a discovery I have made in the last year but is a really wonderful mid- range mask that hydrates and plumps the skin. I usually leave it on as I am having a bath and tissue off the excess just before I apply my foundation as you don’t really need to apply moisturiser after this. This mask is a combination of cocoa butter, vitamin C and E which all play a role in deeply moisturising the skin leaving it fresh and revitalised.

Santa Maria Novella- Almond Pasta Di Mandorle

A friend of mine suggested I try the almond hand paste from Santa Maria Novella as a mask when I had very dry skin one day. I have to say it was very effective containing ground up almond oil extract that gives it this luscious Amaretto liquor smell. It also works very well as a paste for the hands too.


Too expensive to buy but you really want it

Lancer- Younger Revealing Mask Intense

The best yet most expensive mask on the market has to be Dr. Lancer’s Younger Revealing mask. When I first saw this product, I thought it was some kind of gimmick, as the tool removes the mask without it touching your face and this is actually due to the iron content in the mask reacting to the magnet in the tool.  It is also full of silica which as we all know does give an instant smoothness to the skin but I did feel after I tried it for the entire day that my skin looked absolutely brilliant if I say so myself.


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  1. Talia Aronsberg
    Talia Aronsberg says:

    Hi Trinny! I’ve been watching all your videos for the last couple of weeks. I really like your approach to discovering new products and thank you so much for all your tips and advice. I have quite problematic skin, acne prone and a constant picker (I know…the worst). It’s always been somewhat shameful for me and I really appreciate you being so candid about some of your own struggles. Your skin really does look flawless now… which gives me hope. I know you don’t get into too much detail about dealing with acne, as it’s no longer something you really have to deal with on a daily basis anymore, and you do try to cover a full spectrum of issues and needs that women have. I find the causes behind acne/spots vary so much from person to person that it can be hard to really recommend preventative measures. I find that i’m constantly doing damage control. So I thought I would share with you, in the hopes you would share with others some of my go-to, never fail tricks and products. When I’m dealing with a spot that has really gone out of hand, or my skin is rather red and irritated or I’ve really done a number going at my face… I always use distilled witch hazel. Now i’ve tried every organic, natural brand out there and none of them, not one will do half the work that distilled witch hazel will from your local pharmacy. I’ll soak a large cotton pad in the witch hazel and just lay it over trouble areas and just leave it there for 10 minutes or so. The results can sometimes be miraculous so long as there is no infection or anything like that. So I just let my skin drink it in completely… once I remove the pad the size of the spot will decrease significantly, the redness diminishes sometimes completely and my skin is left feeling toned and tightened and glowing. I can’t tell you the amount of times this little trick has made the difference between me deciding whether I felt comfortable enough to been seen in public or at some event. Any time witch hazel is used in a product I find I tend to love it. It really is a natural wonder. I use it as a toner as well, I’ve never really used a formal toner (i’ve noticed also that you don’t really ever talk about them either). Some people can be rather put off by the smell, but i really don’t mind it. It’s a rather unique scent that I’ve come to mentally associate with my miracle elixer…as that’s really what I feel it is. The other product I swear by is the Sothys Masque Absorbant. Now I’ve been quite surprised to not have heard you ever talk about this brand. I’ve used Sothys products since puberty. My facialist predominantly uses their products and she has no necessary allegiance to them. But she loves just about everything they do, she believes they are pioneers in skin care and only sells their products. She on her own has been my saving grace for over 15 years and i’m only 28, and everyone I have sent to her has always come back in gratitude singing her praises. She is English and trained in Paris for the most part and some other places as well. Her techniques and skills are literally transformative and I don’t say that lightly. For Spots what has always without fail reduced the size, eliminated redness and began to heal even a spot that had become infected has been a high frequency electrode. Now I don’t know how common this is in England or Europe but in North America its virtually unheard of . The other thing she does is use a galvanic current with serums to really reach far down and thoroughly penetrate the skin. It really breathes new life into your skin. She then will perform a facial massage. Not only is this the most pleasurable massage of I have ever had of any kind it also does manual lymphatic drainage that I believe is second to none. It is the part of the facial that look forward to most. Now her last step is usually to apply this Masque Absorbant, for about 10-15 minutes. I’m sure things are quite different on your side of the pond, but North American facials tend to be quite clinical. Most people will walk out blotchy and red and would require a couple of days to recover before revealing their new beautiful skin. I have never left a facial with skin looking worse than I did on arrival, on the contrary I’ve always left with spots gone or significantly reduced, skin healing and glowing. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve spent over the years going to her for facials, but what I can tell you is that she was worth every penny. She saved my skin with these techniques so many times I could never count. Giving me the confidence I needed to not allow my skin problems to prevent me from living and enjoying my life. (So if your ever in Toronto…) I was intrigued by your mention of Eve Lom’s Rescue Mask enough to go out and get a sample to try. Your description closely resembles the mask I use and I felt the need to compare them. I have to say Trinny, I was quite disappointed, but only because it did not deliver the results anywhere close to that of the the Masque Absorbant by Sothys. Now I use it a little differently than at facial. I will dab it on spots sometimes a light layer on my whole face over night and the results are just astonishing. Spots can be greatly improved if not gone completely. I find as well it really helps with discolouration and scaring more than any product I’ve ever tried. It has oxides of titanium and zinc it also has something with apricot kernels. Now I don’t use too many of their products, many of the creams I’ve found to be too rich for me being acne prone but my mom uses their whole range and has been a devout follower of this brand for 20 odd years. Some of the other ones I can quickly recommend would be the Creme Confort 3, it’s a moisturizer with peptides that repairs damaged skin VERY effectively. But the other product of theirs I use religiously is Desquacrem. They describe it as deep cleanser, I find it really gets rid of almost all dead skin cells as well. I’ve never come across another product quite like it, I’m not sure what to even compare it with. But after using it, your face will feel like a baby’s bottom… no word of a lie. You once said that you like to look into what a brand does differently to anyone else and for me that would really be this gem. You will become obsessed with this if you ever do try it. I know there’s also an anti-aging cream as well called Secrets that my mother swears by. Anyways…after hearing you talk about Eve Lom’s Mask again, I felt compelled to share this all with you. I apologize for the very long novel I’ve just put you or your interns through. I hope you are able to try some of these and share some of this. Keep up with all the videos I love watching you and thank your for all the advice and recommendations.

    • Trinny
      Trinny says:

      Hi Talia, thank you so much for taking the time to write this informative message. I will definitely share some of the products you have recommended to others, such great tips ! x

    • Susan Sellan
      Susan Sellan says:

      Hi Talia! I have only recently become an avid follower of Trinny (LOVE HER!) and have observed how she uses masks so often in her skincare regime. I am 54 and have struggled with acne prone skin for years but it seems to be really flaring in my fifties! So have decided I should perhaps try some masks to help alleviate congestion and dead skin cells. I TOTALLY relate to your story and suffering!! And hey – I’m in Toronto too! So I would LOVE to know this miracle facialist that you recommend as I have never quite been confident enough to trust my skin situation with anyone! What a fluke that I would find this recommendation over a blog across the pond! Thanks so much for sharing your story!!!

      Best, Susan S.
      Toronto, Canada

  2. Kati
    Kati says:

    Hallo Trinny,
    Du bist echte Frauenpower!
    Deine selbstbewusste Authentizität bringt mich zum Lachen und Deine Tipps zum Leuchten!
    Weiter so… 🙂
    P.s. Bin 50 Jahre alt und seit ich mich von Dir inspirieren lasse, bekomme ich viele Komplimente, auch von jüngeren Menschen (Männern vor allem) und mein Verhältnis zu mir selbst hat sich total positiv verändert, weil ich erfahre, dass man in jedem Alter attraktiv sein kann!


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