My Secret 7 Vitamin C Products #10

Spring has finally sprung and vitamin C is an excellent way to revitalise and brighten the skin after it having being exposed to the harsh winter months. This is a vitamin we all hear a great deal about but it is important to know in detail how it exactly works in order to make a difference on your skins condition. Our bodies are unable to metabolise Vitamin C, so the alternative, L-Ascorbic acid is used which is synthetically created. It’s another form of vitamin C, something you topically apply to the skin in order for the body to absorb it. This means it acts as the body’s defence mechanism so that it can fight against free radicals caused by oxidative stress such as smoking, sun rays, and caffeine. Vitamin C is an integral part of my skincare routine both by using a product on my skin and taking daily vitamin C tablets to make me feel awake, fresh and ready to face the day. There are many vitamin C products on the market ranging from the cheaper to the more expensive end. It is sold as a powder, cream or serum where powder is the most concentrated form allowing for most effective results.

The Ordinary – Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres

This cream is part of the brand DECIEM, founded in 2013 by the entrepreneur Brandon Truaxe. The formulas are simple with just one or two ingredients per product and proven to work effectively and priced very affordably. This cream contains 23% ascorbic acid and 2% hyaluronic acid which provides a gentle and cleansing feel, whilst leaving a tingling sensation to my skin.

Why I love it?

The cream is extremely absorbent and has a calming effect. I would want to add a moisturiser on top of this before I add my foundation to set up a richer, more nourishing base for my skin.

Indeed Labs – Vitamin C24 Facial Crème

This serum holds 22% of Vitamin C and contains Dimethicone, a form of silicone that rests on the surface of the skin. The texture of this serum feels soft and incredibly smooth when applied.

Why I love it?

The vitamin C’s tingly effect, feels like it’s really making an improved difference to my skin. This product may not be suited for sensitive skin types, as the tingling sensation could cause irritation.

La Roche Posay – Redermic C10 – Corrective Filler Intensive

La Roche Posay is a drugstore brand from France that I use frequently. They launched over 30 years ago and had a limited range of 10 products, now they have expanded to over 200. They offer ranges for all skin problems; sensitive skin, oily complexion, mature skin and much more.

The Dimethicone present helps with the fluidity of application and helps to lock in intense moisture. The vitamin E, also another key ingredient helps to slow down processes that damage cells.

Why I love it?

This cream is my one of my favourites, as it deeply nourishes so I don’t feel the need to add a moisturiser.

The Hero Project – Vitamin C – 30 oil

This product contains 30% Ethylated ascorbic acid, which is an acid that is in its most stable chemical form which can be easily be absorbed by the skin. Its texture feels like it’s between a serum and an oil which would be a good base to apply makeup on.

Why I love it?

It has a pleasant fragrance and you can feel the effects of the product working immediately. As it’s oil based, it may not penetrate the skin as well as a powder form.

Julia Hunter – Maximal Strength Vitamin C*

Dr. Julia Hunter launched her own product line in Los Angeles, USA. She has a wide range of products from serums to exfoliators,  and she is passionate about the chirality of ingredients that will improve your skin on impact.

This product contains the most active and concentrated ingredients in any range of vitamin C products I have found. The L- Glutathione, an antioxidant, and R-lipoic acid both need to be in the correct chemical position in order to work, and fight against aging and degeneration.

Why I love it?

A little bit goes a long way with this product so it lasts. I mix the powder form with her serum and cell optimiser cream which is my usual morning routine most days. Followed by an SPF.

Dr Sebagh – Pure Vitamin C Powder cream

Dr Sebagh has an ever growing range of amazing products, but his pure Vitamin C powder cream is one of my all- time favorite’s. This highly concentrated powder contains 25% pure vitamin C and Silica, a mineral that helps in absorbing moisture. I combine this with an SPF cream but you can either mix it with an alternate cream or put the powder straight onto your skin and it magically transforms into a cream.

Why I love it?

It is a very concentrated formula and comes in six tubes which prevents oxidation, as it is sealed in air tight containers.

Skinceuticals – C E Ferlulic

Skinceuticals is a skincare line that was founded in 1997 by an American scientist called Dr. Sheldon Pinnell. This formula contains both vitamin C and vitamin E, both active ingredients working together to provide the most efficient results.

Why I love it?

The serum goes on extremely smoothly and provides a dewy finish, giving me that healthy glow.

Other products mentioned:

Optibac probiotic

Digest more ultra

Vintners Daughter Active Botanical Serum

Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer

Benefit Cha Cha Tint Mango-Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain 10ml

 * Unfortunately, the Julia Hunter range is not available to buy online in the UK, however you can order the products online through or via Grace Belgravia Medical on They offer an online consultation for prospective clients which allows you to purchase from them directly. Alternatively, London based patients can book a physical consultation at Belgravia Medical.







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