Monday Musings: Weekend Shop Up and Answering Your Questions

Sometimes, a Monday morning doesn’t have to be something that we dread. Here are a few little treats that I purchased over the weekend that I want to share with you to brighten up all of our weeks – and faces…

Colour Wow Rood Cover Up – £28.50

The perfect product to conceal receding hairlines, colour regrowth or sneaky bald patches – an absolute god-send. I discovered Colour Wow a couple of years ago and started using their light brown shade as a fill-in between colour visits, and it really works, the grey is instantly covered. I also sometimes use their lighter shades (blonde and platinum) if I am feeling my hair has gone flat, and there isn’t enough contrast. I talked about Covering the Grey without Going to the hairdresser in a previous post that you can find here.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant – £55.00

Coming in a powder form, you can use this product with water as a cleanser but also with some oil to make it a more mask like treatment. The magic ingredient is charcoal, which is deeply cleansing and protects the skin from the harsh pollutants in the air. Once scrubbed in, you might want to leave it on as a mask to really draw out the bacteria that might fester in your pores, and ensure that the skin is fresh and flawless for the day ahead.

Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation – £35.00

More of a tinted moisturiser than a foundation with light-as-a-feather consistency, which melts into your skin’s natural lines and contours and allows it to breathe rather than sitting on top like a mask.  There are twenty-four different shades, which makes it far easier to find your perfect match.

Embryolisse Secret de Maquilleurs Radiant Eye – £20.50

I carry this in my handbag as a quick pick-me-up during the day. A cooling, moisturising product, perfect for morning-use to rehydrate and freshen the under-eye area. Reduces dark circles and puffiness, and brightens eyes with the ingredients of hazel and aloe vera.

Pinch Provisions Miniemergency Kit 

A little delight with every essential you could possibly desire. A 17-piece kit of beauty, fashion, and personal care miniaturised products for fast fixes on the go. And it’s metallic…

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin – £26.00

This is a product from Laura Mercier’s skincare range, which is beautifully hydrating and smells delicious with hints of tea rose. Sometimes, there is nothing quite as satisfying as when a moisturiser is simply just a moisturiser, doing exactly what it says…

Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer – £38.00

A go-to product of mine. For those who suffer from spots as a result of silicone, this product has an ingredient which reduces the chances of silicone-inspired spots, this is also great for sensitive skin.

Laura Mercier Colour Dots Lip and Cheek Sheers – £25.00

I particularly love this ‘Sangria’ colour as it really make my eyes pop, and what is there not to love about a dual-purpose product…

Givenchy’s Mister Light Instant Light Corrective Pen – £24.00

I’ve been using Mister Light for 15 years and it’s one of my favourite concealers. Never creases under my eyes, not too chalky, not too sticky, blends beautifully. The shades have a very flattering yellow undertone, perfect for camouflaging dark circles and minor redness.

Talika Eyebrow Lipocils – £26.00

Talika eyelash conditioning gel – use on both your eyelashes, especially if you have lash extensions as it contains no oils and reinvigorates your lashes; and also works well to set your brows and give them shine and condition.

Kiko Precision Eyebrow Pencil – £4.10

Great colour, reasonable price, shitty one that didn’t work.

Omega 7  SBA24 

I said in the video it was Omega 3 but in fact this is an Omega 7 product. It does amazing things, but the key to this Sea Buckthorn plant extract is how it aids dryness everywhere, eyes, mouth, skin… and intimate areas.  It contains a large amount of vitamin A as well as vitamin C. As with all supplements. If you’re pregnant, lactating or on medication you should contact a doctor before taking them.



Today I’m wearing:

Robe from lovely hand made indian brand Anokhi

Zara Soft Sweatshirt £15.99

ME+EM Grosgrain Strip Slim Crop Pant – £119.00



4 replies
  1. Jane
    Jane says:

    Hi Trinny

    I would love to try the Laura Mercier Flawless skin as rose is my thing, but when I clicked on the link it sent me to the Laura Mercier foundation. I have tried finding it on the web, but can only see it in a tub for much more money. Can you help?

  2. Mrs. Marieke Vermeulen
    Mrs. Marieke Vermeulen says:

    In this video of February 14, 2017 Trinny mentions an eye gel (Transformex) ??) in a silver tube with a doe-foot wand that she uses on airplanes when travelling to moisturise her eyelids to prevent dry patches. I could not find this brand of eye care gel on the Internet. Could you please provide me with the correct brand name and exact name of the eye gel so I can purchase this please?

    thank you in advance for your kind assistance and time.
    Kind greetings
    Mrs. Marieke Vermeulen from Belgium


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