Monday Musings: Wake Up to Make Up, Boots Haul and My Favourite Brogues

Today we’re discussing my weekend trip to Boots, my miraculous cure for the biggest spot ever, my new LED light GloPRO and much more…

Products used:


Apricotty shade, really pretty, doesn’t taste bad… let’s just call it my best high street gloss find.


Good for teenager’s daily cleansing routine.

MARIO BADESCU Skin Care – Acne Facial Cleanser 

LUE’ by Jean Seo – Clear Spot Control 

Beauty Bioscience GloPRO Facial Beauty Tool

The concept of Microdermabrasion was invented by Dr Terry James, who decided together with his daughter Jamie O’Banion to come up with a dermaroller with a difference, and so they did. This is a microdermal roller with a red LED which helps to stimulate collagen production and skin tone.

The gentle vibration acts as a domino effect pouring energy into the deepest layers of the skin without ever having to penetrate it. If you use it regularly its three technologies will give you the ultimate anti-aging experience…

I used it on Sunday for 15 minutes going over my throbbing spot, and it was magnificent. I think the combination of the needling with the vibration and light broke down the offending bacteria.

La Roche Posay – REDERMIC C10 Anti-Wrinkle Firming Concentrate

La Roche Posay is a drugstore brand from France that I love. When they launched they had a range of 10 products, now they have about 200. They offer ranges for all skin concerns: sensitive skin, oily skin, mature skin and much more.

They all have a consistent smell, that you either love or hate…sort of slightly sweet hint of fragrance but the ones for sensitive skin have none.

La Roche Posay – Pigmentclar UV SPF 30

La Roche Posay EFFACLAR BB Blur

This is the tinted moisturiser for oily skin I tried on Chloe. She linked it and it lasted all day.


NYX Lip Primer 

If you want to wear a lipstick but you have slightly bleeding lips,  you have an unevenness around your lips, or just want to make sure your lipstick stays on all day, this product is perfect, like a wax that had a baby with some pigment.


I love the lightness of this product and the buildable colour…

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 619 Rust 

MAYBELLINE Brow Precise Fiber Filler

BURBERRY Sheer Concealer in Rosy Beige No 3

BOURJOIS BLUR THE LINES Concealer Stick in 02 Beige

Today I am wearing:

Sweaty Betty workout outfit

White shirt from ME+EM 

Prada Silver Brogue

Dune Bronze Flatform 

Zara Silver Flatform  




24 replies
  1. Janine
    Janine says:

    Hi Trinny
    Trinny! that’s my colour! I love that colour! I would love a new a lippy just because xxxxxx
    Thanks so much for your channel x
    When I get to a makeup counter and there are too many lipsticks I tend to have line testers all the way up my arm and then leave overwhelmed.
    when I choose eye makeup I look at makeup for hazel eyes rather than the colour of my hair – although I think shadows are ageing

  2. Elizabeth Harvey
    Elizabeth Harvey says:

    Hello Trinny,

    Any chance of you having a little pop up shop, fab clothes and make up, all with styling advice. I know I am in a rut my look,very boring.

    I am sure you can gather some like minded people, the high street needs a little something else. New ideas for the more mature. Advice needed. Xx

    Love the hair.

  3. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Hi Trinny,Great video,I am 47 and have regular spot outbreaks on my chin it must be hormonal,never had spots as a teenager so thanks for the tips. NYX jumbo eye pencil is a great product I am not very good at using new brands but they are a great high street find.Your’e eyelashes look great is it mascara if so which one do you think is the best? I alternate between Mac and Chanel,would love a cheaper one?
    A lady asked about wide fit brogues,I have wide feet,Clarks do a good range and very comfy another brogue is Grenson a bit expensive but last for ever.

  4. sara taylor
    sara taylor says:

    Hi Trinny,
    Great video today.. could you let us know the link for the roller.. could be a birthday present idea ! Looking forward to seeing you in skirts as the weather gets better.
    Have a good week xx

  5. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Hi Trinny
    Love your videos, my o/h thinks I’m mental as I laugh so much! I work full time, have 3 kids (15,9&8) and I’m 40 this year Hate shopping & would love to try the lipgloss. Stuck in a rut with clothes/fashion. Very tall, very slim = shopping nightmare! Would love advice for straight up & down figures as I’m sure I’m not the only one. Looking forward to the next upload. Michelle xx

  6. Goergiana
    Goergiana says:

    Hi Trinny

    Great video, I fear tonight I did precisely what you advised against – big black baggy t- shirt at gym, feel like a lump! Alas find it difficult to get trendy sports tops in bigger sizes and have put on weight.

    Love the brogues.

  7. Jane Smth
    Jane Smth says:

    Hey Trinny would love the Lip gloss, fab shade, do you have the exact colour just in case I don’t win, for me going into a store and looking at the choices for lipsticks, eye shadows, this cream, that cream, oh it’s too much, just the same as when I go food shopping and I go to the yoghurt section and am blown away by the choice, I think to myself all I want is a pack of yoghurt, it’s too overwhelming�Xx

  8. Anne
    Anne says:

    Trinny could I ask if you know any stores that carry larger size brogues/flatforms? I currently get most of my brogues from clarks but looooooove the Prada ones. Their site don’t seem to carry size 42 (UK 9) and I would really love to fine some hip flatforms for elephant feet like mine. Any advice would be amazing! Thank you!!!

  9. Julie Henson
    Julie Henson says:

    Hi Trinny and Chloe, I would love to be part of your new venture. Please could you kindly send me a form to me.
    Look forward to seeing you again soon.
    Julie x

  10. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    Trinny, I would be so grateful if you could specify which Wolford knee-highs you wear with your brogues. Love everything you do! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and advice and wonderful joie de vivre with us

  11. Fereshteh
    Fereshteh says:

    Hi Trinny

    thanks for your helpful videos, I loved that bronze Dune lace up shoes but I couldn’t find my size 38 anywhere! 🙁 any advice ?!


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