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Hello Ladies,

Today we discussed lots of issues but a topic we continually return to is adult spots. If you notice or feel a bombardment of unwanted friends appearing on your skin in your 40’s, then these may be markers of the perimenopause. After suffering with acne between the ages of 13 – 30, I understand the frustration women experience in trying to reach clear skin. My skin eventually improved through the grueling treatment of taking Roaccutane for 9 months, followed by Co2 laser therapy for the scarring. During my mid -forties, my hormones began to fluctuate once more as I was going through the menopause. I began receiving Biodynamic HRT, which at first, did not work for me, but it was through persevering through Dr Erica Schwartz that I finally succeeded in the finding the right hormone balance. She has written a wonderful book called The Hormone Solution’ (2002) and a second edition called ‘The New Hormone Solution’ which will be released in May 2017. You may also enjoy reading Vicki Edgson’s It must be my hormones’ (2010). These are excellent reads for anyone approaching the menopause, which can start as early as your mid- forties, later in your fifties, or somewhere in between.

Super Balm- Gentle Daily Deep Cleanser 150ml.

A new range of products I tried today which have finally arrived are The White Company’s simple yet sophisticated and beautifully presented skincare range which includes 6 products in total. This launch has been a collaboration between the founder of The White Company, Chrissie Rucker and DECIEM.

This cleanser feels light and fresh on the skin. This deep cleanser works very well to remove all traces of makeup, especially mascara because of its buttery finish, whilst the plant extracts and citrus dulcis flower oil perfumes it with a subtle hint of lemon.

Super Serum- Advanced Multi- Depth Concentrate 30ml.

This super serum boosts the skin levels as it contains advanced ingredients which include; grape vine stem cells, green tea, plant extracts and oils in order to plump and hydrate the skin.

The salicylic acid helps with gentle exfoliation even for the most sensitive of skins providing a smooth and even finish.

Advanced Hydration – Skin Perfecting Moisturizer

This is a great hydrating moisturizer. It acts like a primer to prep your skin ready for your daily foundation routine which allows your makeup to stay perfectly in place for hours. This formula contains the basic hyaluronic acids that will lock in moisture, Amazonian oils (Acai, Sacha Inchi) which will deeply nourish the skin and Aloe – Vera butter which has fantastic calming properties.

Glossier – Perfecting Skin Tint 30ml.

Glossier is a range that is unfortunately, only currently available in the US and online. Emily Weiss, known for her online beauty magazine ‘Into The Gloss’ and started ‘Glossier’ in 2010. Their maxim, ‘Skin first, makeup second’ originates from their target audience who symbolize the fast paced, low maintenance millennial woman and caters for all skin types using natural, hypoallergenic ingredients.

The Perfecting Skin Tint is a fairly thin light tinted moisturizer which provides a sheer coverage along with a dewy and bright finish allowing your skin to breathe underneath. They have a limited shade selection with only five colors available however the tool in the shade finder helped me match the skin tint shade to my own skin color as best as I could.

Glossier- Stretch Concealer 

This concealer gives a light, skin- like coverage which covers redness and dark circles effectively. It sits well and melts into your own skins texture providing a luminous finish. The avocado and jojoba oil provides a natural dewy finish, whilst the cocoa butter promotes the skin’s elasticity.

Glossier – Boy brow 

This contains oleic acid which is derived from olive oil, a natural extract that deeply nourishes the skin. The Lecithin contained in the product is a fatty acid substance which promotes smoothness and enhances the brows texture for a silky smooth feel.

Glossier – Generation G 

There are six shades of these natural nude lipsticks which adapt to your own individual lip color when worn. Although the product has a diffused matt finish, it is high in safflower oil and Linoleic acid which creates a barrier to prevent loss of moisture in the lips.


Let’s talk about thickening your hair and five ways to boost its voluminosity:

L’ Oreal Paris – Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo 400ml

This shampoo according to my friend in beauty research, is a great discovery. It contains Coco-betaine, a natural ingredient derived from coconut oil and is used as a surfactant to cleanse the hair and also thickens the hair fibers.

OUAI – Texturising Hair Spray 130g

This thickening spray gives instant volume, and their dry shampoo works a treat. I adore the fragrance of this product as it quickly absorbs excess oils in the hair thanks to the volcanic minerals present.


Internal mid -term help can be achieved by taking Biotin supplements which assists in faster hair growth.  I have been taking 2 in the morning and at night for 6 months, and I have noticed that the little bald patches around my crown are starting to improve. My eyelashes are also lasting well with the extensions in. There is an alternate solution to the hair transplant treatment which is in fact a synthetic hair piece that is sewn into your own hair … which I will try for you ladies in May. ‘Hershesons’ do a wonderful range of mid-priced fake hair where you can choose your desired color, texture and length. I’m in the process of ordering the light brown color and will show you the results next time…

Have a wonderful week ladies, and give suggestions below on what other topics you would like me to cover, as well as the products you would like to hear a review on and have not tried them yourself yet.

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  1. Dana willetts
    Dana willetts says:

    I love watching all your videos. Your such an honest real and lovely person. I love your makeup tips especially. I am loving the sheer skin tinted look rather than foundation. It’s taken years off. I think at 42, I have eventually realised less is more. Please keep them coming. Xxxx love ❤️


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