Monday Musings – From Feeling a Bit Blah to Waking Up and Ready for the Week

Today I woke up feeling shattered, missed my pilates class, and have a conference call in half an hour……How best to feel better?  My first thought was  talking with you ladies on Facebook and sharing my dilemma.

How many of us wake up body monitoring? bloated tummy tick, too much ice cream for too many months – tick,  having ice-cream (the utterly delicious Dri Dri Gelato to be specific) every night for like 8 months, and I know this is not good for me. It’s time for a change: Can I give up sugar for even a week? and what are my alternatives?

On Thursday I bumped into  Lorraine Pascale – the wonderful  cook and fitness guru at This Morning  and asked her if she could teach me to cook something sweet but good for me…. so hopefully you will see her on Facebook Live soon.

Before starting the sugar diet though, here is the list of all the random things I spoke about this morning.



Dr Lancer exfoliator The Method: Polish 

Sarah Champman Skinesis Ultimate cleanse 

Sarah Chapman overnight facial 



Nature’s Plus, Ultra Omega 3/6/9, 120 Softgels 

Sisley Black Rose Mask

Intensely hydrating, you rub it all in, let it absorb and just take the excess off. Using the roller really helps to wake up my skin and let the product absorb.  Here is the roller I used: Stimuloval by Jeanne Piaubert.

SOLGAR Biotin 5000 for thinning hair

SOLGAR Formula V 2000 



Topically applied hormones – for menopausal ladies:

Julia T Hunter M.D. DHEA Support 

Really good cell support, I use it below my neck.

Julia T Hunter ESTRIOL Estrogen Support  

Estrogen derivatives, I use it once a day on my face.



I love that if you have a teenager daughter, and you take them shopping to Topshop in their flag ship store on Oxford Circus or wanter across to  &Other Stories  flagship store on Regent Street they each stock a wonderfully well curated  selection of skincare products for their teenage skin that actually work.

Topshop Glow Prime and finish 

Comes in 2 shades. It mattifies, it’s good for oily skin and if you want a nice finish all over. You can also apply some and just use a bit of blusher on top.

Lait- Crème Embryolisse moisturiser 

Waleda Purifying lotion

I talked about Weleda’s products in my post on French Pharmacy.

Eroborian CC creme

Matte Smoke Stick in Underdog 

Chamelion Highlighter in Mother of Pearl 



Dimple Peach Cheek and lip tint 

quite pricey,  but simple design – comes in four very easy to work with shades.

Mint Lip Balm 

Slightly Crème de la mere mint, let’s call it mid-range mint.

Meanwhile tippy toes up and down holding my tummy…

And then plié up and down…

Then hoola hoop round and round…

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  1. Georgiana
    Georgiana says:


    My guilty pleasure is Peggy Porschen chocolate slice, a slab of chocolate with pistachio, Yummy buy on Monday for after dinner SOOOOO GOOD!

  2. Christine Jordan
    Christine Jordan says:

    Further. I really rate your passion and discussions on clothing, The knowledge you have on how to flatter body shapes, that’s impressive. I’ve not followed you since BBC mainstream, completely unawares that you carried on elsewhere with similar show.. I’m digressing.. love these vlogs, they entertain
    Yes! I want to see Lorraine Pascal and good foods, GO FOR IT! I’m awaiting patiently xx


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