How To Stay Stylish and Warm This Winter

With temperatures dropping and snow around the corner…. let’s keep ourselves warm ladies – but in style.

This morning at This Morning I styled three lovely people – Elise, Karen and Penny – with a selection of high street outfits and accessories.

Elise’s look is all about hidden layers. She’s wearing a lovely jumper from New Look, secretely layered under a high tech gilet from Uniqlo and black jeans from SimplyBe. Can you spot the hidden layer? You shouldn’t be able to…

Everything is finished off with a leopard print coat from Topshop (very popular print this season) and a Primark hat.

Yoga teacher Penny looks beautiful in this khaki cosy coat from – under which she keeps warm with a New Look jumper, thermal tights from Primark and a lovely leatherette skirt from Oasis. To finish off, New Look comfy boots and stylish gloves.

Karen is an accountant and her look takes her day to night from work to a glass of wine with her best friend. Don’t forget that you can still wear your favourite sleeveless dress or party dress during the day even if it’s colder, but in order to keep warm find a nice jumper to wear underneath. The dress is wonderful on its own, but it will be a nice (and warm) outfit update. In this case Karen is wearing a heat-tech top from Uniqlo under her Simply Be dress. To really bring out the beauty of the burgundy try a pink coat instead of the more predictable black. This one is Monsoon.

Under the dress, Body-Sensor Tights from M&S. The necklace, also from M&S, gives light to her face and the Miss Selfridge boots are with her in case of snow!

If this was not enough and you are looking for more inspiration for creating the best look during this freezing cold I also went for a little trip to John Lewis in Oxford Circus for you – trying to navigate the sea of January sales… You can follow my mission in the video below.



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  1. Bridget
    Bridget says:

    Where can I find a good pair of black high waisted trousers? I too am long waisted. ( like the ones you wear during your wardrobe clean out.)
    Many thanks

  2. Anna
    Anna says:

    Hi Trinny,
    Can i ask what would you advise for a great interview outfit? Its for a fashion role so i need to show i have a good sense of style without it looking too much.
    Many Thanks,

  3. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Hi Trinny

    I’ve had a dry (shopping) January too and can’t wait to see your first shopping trip of 2017. Do you have a date in mind?



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