How to Get a Smart Capsule Wardrobe for Spring

Tailoring can sound so serious, especially when you’re sitting on a sofa at home and you think “tailoring reminds me of my school teacher, headmaster etc”… but this is not the case anymore and I want to show you ways of wearing structured clothes that flatter your figure – and at the same time a mini go-to guide to get a  smart, capsule wardrobe for Spring.

Stacey is one of my regulars at This Morning and this is wearing tailoring to go out in the evening. She looks stunning in this jumpsuit that looks like a tailored suit, from Next. Clever collar from COS that you put on like a bra and functions as a shirt that gives your look a twist. Finish off with an earring on the collar that acts like a little broach, and metallics heels from New Look. So smart and elegant.

With Nicola, above, it was finding a look which is kind of like the school run but putting some tailoring on it. A take on a shirt. COS do the more beautiful shirts and give a real look to an outfit. Both jacket and trousers are from M&S, separates but matching. Trainers from New Look. Casual tailoring totally nailed.


Tailoring to me is clever cuts that flatters your figure. Yvonne is a size 16 and looks gorgeous. We are wearing the same outfit, floppy pleated silver top from H&M, that you can wear with no worries whatsoever when paired with a clever cut jacket, like this white one from Zara. Trousers are Next, sold till size 26, over a black pair of New Look leatherette shoes. Necklace is Mango.


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