How I do My Curls – Blow Dry Tutorial

Everyone’s hair is different so I can only tell you what I do for mine. My main issues are that if I didn’t blow-dry my hair properly, it would be frizzy and dry – that means that I need to use conditioning products, and usually use a mask on the ends and in the middle, instead of a conditioner.

Blowdrying is something that takes me around 20minutes to half an hour – so don’t watch this for the quick blow dry.

If I do it properly, I could hopefully just do it once a week, then my hair after 2 days will have a flat day but then on day 4 and 5 will actually behave again.

Please find below a list of products I use. I vary a lot but there are my most consistent friends:

KERASTASE – Shampoo for fizzy hair

WELLA SP Color Save Conditioner 

WELLA SP Luxe Keratin Restore Mask 

WELLA SP Resolute Lift Styling Lotion 

SASHASUAN Volume Cream

Babyliss Hairdryer

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  1. Emma
    Emma says:

    Could you please tell me which Cos trousers you’re wearing. I don’t live near a store so have to order online and bought a pair recently which were too short as I have quite long legs.
    You’ve helped me get through what would have been a couple of very depressing winter months. You’re inspiring and have followed you since What not to Wear began when I lived in Switzerland and my expat friends and I would make a date at someone’s house to watch the episodes together. One thing has changed though… Now you look so happy 🙂 thank you xx

  2. kerry longmore
    kerry longmore says:

    Love the video Trinny, I’m definitely changing from my metal brush. Can you tell me which one you use here?
    Also loving the sugar idea, as a fellow addict of the stuff I would appreciate some skin friendly ideas. Keep u the good work, your videos never fail to me make me laugh out load and cheer me up!!!!

    • Trinny
      Trinny says:

      The brush is just a wooden one I bought in Boots… Thank you for your feedback, I will probably do a video soon about how I’m dealing with sugar this space!

  3. Lisa Crossan
    Lisa Crossan says:

    Hello from Canada
    Love watching your videos
    This hair tutorial has changed the way I do my hair. I go 5 days with a beautiful bouncy hair. Your the best!

  4. Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie says:

    Hi Trinny I am going from copper to your colour could you please advise so I can tell my best friend amazing hairdresser Joshua! I am the worst client he hates me but still works his magic xx


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