Which Red Lip Are You?

Finding the right red lip can be tricky – many women avoid a bright lip because they don’t know their shade, are worried it comes off on their teeth, or makes them look yellow, or just feel over made up.
On our Facebook live today we show 6 ladies with different skin, hair and eye combinations, so hopefully you can find some inspiration.
The shade might change according to what you wear. I am better with white around my neck when I wear a bring red, but when wearing navy I look better in a fushia lip.
More on that soon…
Marit is wearing Fatal Red by Maybelline 

Federica is wearing Military Red Burberry  

Chloe is wearing Rimmel by Kate – shade 107

Anna is wearing Regimental Red by Burberry 

Joyce is wearing Tell Laura by Charlotte Tilbury 

Soala is wearing Rimmel by Kate – shade 110 


I am wearing L’Oréal in Blake red.

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  1. Kaz
    Kaz says:

    FInd you very inpspirational trinny, wow you have amazing skin, really making me re evaluate what I can do for mine as we are a similar age.Have you ever tried any of Paula’s choice products?

  2. Anita
    Anita says:

    Please don’t forget us redheads!! I have gingery/red hair and green eye with fair not pale skin. I would love to wear a read lip as I love the look but have always been told not to as red hair and a red lip don’t mix.

  3. Mirjam
    Mirjam says:

    I love your shirt, but can’t find it on the Dutch Zara website. Any suggestions where I can find it? Closes store is over 50 km away Going out to get Fatal red later, love it!


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