Holiday Packing Part 1 – What To Take With You?

My ideal holiday packing scenario would include a single suitcase. Some travel bag essentials are silver or gold flat sandals to go with everything, a beach towel / blanket / cover-up for sitting or laying, a sarong in a soft fabric that can be dressed up or down, a thin belt to turn a sarong into a dress, a statement necklace to transform a beach Kaftan into an evening look, and a pair of sturdy flip-flops.

When traveling I wear easily adaptable things like shirt dresses in soft cotton or classic navy trousers.

What’s In Trinny’s Suitcase?

Argos luggage alternative

Primark Travel Bag

Sainsburys Sarong Tu alternative

Primark Flip-Flops

Sandals New Look


Rebecca, The Traveler 

The best travel clothes are comfortable, like Rebecca’s cotton dress from Zara worn over New Look jeans and a white Oasis top for ease and simplicity. Her metallic Stradivarius flat form sandals are a durable, running around shoe, perfect for all day sight-seeing. Her Zara bag is spacious for travel and perfect for the beach as it will let out all the irritating sand.


Oasis Top

Zara Dress

New Look Jeans

Metallic Stradivarius Flatform Sandal alternative 

Zara Bag


Sarah, From Beach to Bar 

It’s important to find a swimsuit that flatters your coloring – with Sarah’s blonde hair, green eyes, and pale complexion we picked a color palette of rose and soft greens. The key here is floaty, pretty, and easy, but we also want to make it transformable for the night. Sarah’s kimono becomes an evening dress with the addition of a gold weave belt, while her Peacocks swimsuit and Asos bag are fresh for the day.

Peacocks Swimsuit

New Look Kimono

Asos Bag

Asos Bag alternative

Pom pom bag alternative

New Look Shoes


Sam, Matching 

Sam is wearing a matching floral top and bottom from Zara, which becomes a jumpsuit without the inflexibility. A red wedge New Look toe pokes out from underneath to compliment her outfit tones.

Zara Top  

Zara Trousers  

H&M Earrings 

New Look Shoes  


Safe travels ladies!

My outfit is a Coast dress x

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  1. Lisa calvey
    Lisa calvey says:

    Off on my hols too in 3 weeks !!! Mexico
    Haven’t been before and looking forward to it .
    My nightmare is im 41 and travelling with a group of friends 12 in all 4 of them teenages and big critics !!!
    Don’t know what to take still want to feel nice and glamourous without being mutton as ! Having bikini nightmares HELP

  2. Susan B
    Susan B says:

    Where can one buy the clear plastic rectangle toiletry zipper you use for your minis?
    Can’t find it on Amazon.

    Love love love your videos.


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