Free Fall Friday – COS and Zara Shopping

Ladies Dry January is finally finished and I’m now back on the high street to have a look at what’s new in store…

Today is COS and Zara. Below I list some of the things I like most.

Hope you enjoy.


Knitted layered top with woven skirt in navy or Burgundy

Silk panel sweatshirt 

Grey round neck wool top

Top with frilled sleeves

Tailored white cotton shirt

Velcro brouge shoes 

Circular leather bag

Grained leather blue purse

Glass necklace


Bell sleve jacket 

Bow sleeves top

Crossover layer blouse

Plumetis top

High waist coulottes

Grey waistocat

Warmer alternative of leather jacket




4 replies
  1. Lizzy
    Lizzy says:

    Hi Trinny
    I have lots of separates which I love but nothing that goes with anything!!!!! This is my most common issue – knowing what to put with what.
    For instance what would you put with the culottes? Both top and shoe wise please?
    Thank you for your videos I love them. Lizzy

    • Trinny
      Trinny says:

      Hi Lizzy, with the culottes I would personally wear a white top or shirt from Cos or Zara and a brogue or a chunky heel as shoe x

  2. Jane
    Jane says:

    Hi Trinny,
    I love your videos, thank you. My bathroom cabinet and wardrobe are slowly becoming clones of yours!
    I have ordered the Zara fringed tweed jacket on your recommendation, but am considering changing the buttons so it is a little less ‘obviously Zara’, and a bit more ‘possibly Chanel’! Do you have any recommendations for buttons or where I could find them?
    Many thanks!

  3. Jan Hill
    Jan Hill says:

    I follow on the Internet. I live in America and can’t tell you how I appreciate your sharing your style. I watch every post.


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