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Trinny has been obsessed with the art of the makeover since she was at boarding school aged 7 and it’s never left her. Here she shares her well researched tips and secrets.

Trinny has over twenty years experience in the fashion and beauty industry, and has passed on her knowledge through newspaper columns, television and books. Trinny (together with Susannah) has worked her makeover magic on thousands of real women and subsequently been watched by millions across the globe.

On this site Trinny shares her latest beauty obsessions, style solutions, no cost wardrobe updates and personal opinion on ways to re-vamp, re-style and re-energize your wardrobe and beauty regime.

She lives in Notting Hill with her daughter Lyla and dog Lily. Friends visiting for dinner inevitably end up in her bathroom or bedroom discussing her latest beauty regime or some high street find. Friends expect that by the time they leave at least one part of them is likely to have been made over. After all this isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life.


All the products featured on my social media channels are products I have personally gone out and discovered. As I only try make-up and skincare on myself I cannot guarantee that all of the products I recommend will suit you because everyone’s skin is different, and some people might be allergic to certain ingredients.
Wherever possible please test products out on yourself before purchasing.

Nothing on my social channels shall be interpreted as providing dermatological, medical or other such advice, and it is always best to seek the advice of a suitable professional should you have any such concerns.

I only feature products I like, or want to try. The products I use in these videos are either purchased by me, or occasionally sent over by PRs when I have specifically asked for that product. (This saves me spending a fortune every month!)

I do not accept payments to make any of the videos on this channel, so to make it easy for you ladies, where appropriate, I will embed links so that you can have seamless ways to purchase. (As I know that some of you require instant gratification).
There are currently no affiliate links, but we might put some in at a later stage.