Choosing Your Perfect Pink Lip

How many of you wear pink lips?
I think it’s much harder to choose your perfect pink lip shade than it is to choose a red one. Pink lipsticks can do wonderful things to any face, your eyes can appear brighter,  your skin tone can glow and give an added blush to your cheek. Today we have chosen six women to show off different shades to inspire.

Let’s talk about yellow teeth. Really how many women actually have yellow teeth?  I think the fear is the wrong pink might make you feel your teeth appear yellower,  but with the correct shade, your teeth should experience no change of tone.

What to wear with a pink lip?
I suit monochrome when I wear a bright lip, black, white or navy.
Lily – looks great balancing out her very bright lip with a equally strong stripped top.
Chloe wears a wonderful shade of green that entirely compliments her skin, hair and eye tones, so the lip is the icing on the cake.
If you haven’t tried a bright lip recently challenge yourself to wear one this week and see the reaction you get…

Top row, left to right:

Soala is wearing Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet No 29 Bright Crimson

Lily is wearing NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in Fuchsia Fusion

Sally is wearing Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Fiery Fuchsia 882 

Middle row, left to right:

Nancy is wearing Rosie by Autograph Lip Glossy in Sweet Nothing Kisses

Susannah is wearing Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet no 33 in Magenta

Federica is wearing Laura Mercier Lip Glace Pink Pop

Last row, first on the left:

Chloe is wearing Rimmel Moisture Sheer &Shine Pink Rules no 300

I am in a dodgy combination of Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in Electric Pink and Benefit ChaCha Tint

I hope you can find a lip for you ladies.
Celebrate pink this season, it’s the colour of the moment and if that sounds too much to swarth yourself in – try a little just on your lip.

Also, for those of you who want to help us with our new project please fill in this form:

Thank you x


6 replies
  1. Mary Teresa Webb
    Mary Teresa Webb says:

    Hi Trinny
    Loving all your lipstick videos Instead of having all lovely models covering their mouths with their hands why don’t you give them a white card to cover the lip colour and on the reverse write the colour and brand
    Just a thought !!!

  2. Birgitte
    Birgitte says:

    Dear where can I buy for shipment to Denmark the ROSIE FOR AUTOGRAPH
    Lip Glossy ? M&S does not ship to Denmark. Thank you so much

    • Trinny
      Trinny says:

      Hi Birgitte, not sure, I would have said M&S too but you might be able to find them on other online websites like eBay or amazon?


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