Holiday Packing Part 1 - What To Take With You?

My ideal holiday packing scenario would include a single suitcase. Some travel bag essentials are silver or gold flat sandals to go with everything, a beach towel / blanket / cover-up for sitting or laying, a sarong in a soft fabric that can be dressed up or down, a thin belt to turn a sarong into dress, a statement necklace to transform a beach Kaftan into an evening look, and a pair of sturdy flip-flops.

Occasion Wear Part 2

Ladies please have a look at the array of goodies I spoke about on This Morning...

How To Wear Summer White?

How to wear summer white for all body shapes and occasions - as on this a really hot day in London it's the colour that will keep you cool...

The White Shirt Clinic

We all love a white shirt, or at least that’s what I thought until my lovely Chloe said she had never bought one - from a curvy girl where buying white shirts was always about the buttons and them never being in the right place, I totally understand her dilemma, as well as not being sure as to which was HER white. Let’s begin with this issue: The Right White.

A little layering...

Many of you find my continual shop ups bad for your bank balances, so today I wanted to inspire you in your own wardrobe….

What To Buy For Christmas: My Gift Guide

Ladies, selecting perfect and useful presents for friends and relatives is a pretty difficult task. I love spoiling my nearest and dearest with gifts during this holiday season, thus I spent the whole weekend picking up the best options.