How To Wear Summer White?

How to wear summer white for all body shapes and occasions - as on this a really hot day in London it's the colour that will keep you cool...

The White Shirt Clinic

We all love a white shirt, or at least that’s what I thought until my lovely Chloe said she had never bought one - from a curvy girl where buying white shirts was always about the buttons and them never being in the right place, I totally understand her dilemma, as well as not being sure as to which was HER white. Let’s begin with this issue: The Right White.

A little layering...

Many of you find my continual shop ups bad for your bank balances, so today I wanted to inspire you in your own wardrobe….

What To Buy For Christmas: My Gift Guide

Ladies, selecting perfect and useful presents for friends and relatives is a pretty difficult task. I love spoiling my nearest and dearest with gifts during this holiday season, thus I spent the whole weekend picking up the best options.

Five Ways To Style H&M Short Sleeve Coat

  I have been shopping at H&M since I was a young adult, however sometimes it is such a difficult task to see what's great inside the store. I bought this wonderful black coat, which has its arms cut off,  which…

How to Wear Whites and Metallics

White is a divisive colour to wear and it can be tricky for some of the women I dress. Some women feel so revealing in white, and shy away from wearing it thinking they will look bigger. I personally find white trousers…

Ethnic Origins

In absolutely every shop I go into on the High Street there is a whiff of all things ethnic. Prints, accessories, textures, and colours.

Luxury Leisure

The type of weather is here where we can finally put away our winter coats.  But being England in May one day could be 22c and the next 10c.  There is nothing more satisfying than wearing a layered versatile run around…

Floaty Chiffons

When I think of chiffon I think magnificent grandmothers, smelling of musty roses, Barbara Cartland and ladies who want to hide something under copious amounts of volume.