A little layering…

There is no greater wardrobe staple than my beloved black gilet from Zara last year. It must be one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. Many of you find my continual shop ups bad for your bank balances, so today I wanted to inspire you in your own wardrobe…. And if you really suddenly feel the greatest desire to buy a black gilet we have found a couple here and here – not identical but will aid a good layering.

SO what is the trick with layering?

Remember everyone can layer, whatever their height and their body shape.

Always make sure layering pieces sit at key points on your body. i.e jackets to the waist, gilets to the knee, trousers to the ankle (if you are doing the cropped trouser look)

Don’t drag yourself down with a too long shirt that will visually eat into your leg length.

Make sure you have a shorter layer on top of a longer one. (although occasionally I break this rule when I wear a gilet over the same coloured jacket to turn it into a flexi-coat)


Consider the colour palette you are choosing and stick to three colours.


Here I have used silver/black/grey and white (but to me the silver and grey go in the same family).  I choose my lightest colour around my face, and also because I am bottom heavy.  If you are top heavy you might prefer to grade your colours from dark to light, instead of light to dark.

Although layering works best for me in block colours, the occasional print/texture can be fab. Here this Zara jacket I bought in South Africa in the sale at Christmas has become the cornerstone of this layering story.  You can find a similar one in Topshop. 

Someone asked if I could have added a necklace. Yes but it would probably have been in the same colour palette…long and dangly to continue the flow of the fabrics.

Enjoy layering ladies. And have some fun with it. You will feel that after some playtime in your wardrobe, you have practically gone shopping without spending money. Photograph some ideas as you go, and look at them through the lens. Sometimes it helps one look more objectively at the outfit, as we all have a tendency, when looking in a mirror, to check out our bad bits first, and looking instead at a photograph will help you be more objective.

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  1. Dorothy
    Dorothy says:

    Just love your endless positivity . you inspire me to deal with all my body issues and make a real effort , keep being you trinnny.xxx


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