My Secret 7 Glow Products #9

I was first introduced to the concept of a "glow product" when Charlotte Tilbury launched her range. She was one of the first make-up artists who championed the concept of this glow-base to your make-up preparation. Since then, many brands have launched...

French Pharmacy shopping

Ladies, I have returned to my local village in the French alps, finding time to make a visit to my all time favourite local pharmacy. What I love about local pharmacies, is because they are independent, they have the opportunity to buy whatever they like and each one therefore has lovely interesting things in it. All these different French products are exclusive and suitable for all skin types.

The White Shirt Clinic

We all love a white shirt, or at least that’s what I thought until my lovely Chloe said she had never bought one - from a curvy girl where buying white shirts was always about the buttons and them never being in the right place, I totally understand her dilemma, as well as not being sure as to which was HER white. Let’s begin with this issue: The Right White.

My Secret 7 Masks #8

I have been utterly obsessed with masks since I was 13. There are masks for literally every occasion and skin type. There are days where I use a mask regime to give my skin a weekly facial, and others when I really need my skin to dramatically change as quickly as possible. It’s incredibly difficult to keep this list to 7 products so I have probably snuck in a few extras, but for now I am trying to give you one mask in each category.

My Secret 7 Daily Moisturisers #7

Ladies you all ask me what is the best everyday moisturiser, and this is a selection of my favourites. Moisturisers that I've used for a long time, and loved. Starting from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Colour Blocking For Every Size Spring is on its way and this means bringing colour back into our wardrobes. On This Morning I dressed three lovely ladies of different shapes and sizes in bright and block…

How I do My Curls - Blow Dry Tutorial

Everyone’s hair is different so I can only tell you what I do for mine. My main issues are that if I didn’t blow-dry my hair properly, it would be frizzy and dry - that means that I use conditioning products,

A little layering...

Many of you find my continual shop ups bad for your bank balances, so today I wanted to inspire you in your own wardrobe….