My Favourite Products for Skin Pigmentation

Consistent use of a vitamin C based routine will help reversing hyperpigmentation. My routine includes, a Vitamin C scrub, vitamin C in a pure form (cream, oil and powder), brightening serums and using SPF all year round.

Drugstore Skincare Ranges I Love

Which drugstore skincare brands really deliver? Do you have to spend to get the right ingredients? I don't always think so, and below are some of my favourite economy and mid-range brands and my hero products.

Winter Morning Routine

As you know by now ladies, Vitamin C is a staple in my beauty routine, but not only as an oil/serum/powder but also in an edible form. I have been taking Vitamin C regularly for 5 years and I haven't had a cold since... This is a very advanced formulation that assures the Vitamin C is promptly absorbed by the body rather than going right through.