My Night Time Regime

Below are products I have used for the night time routine which I usually do bi-weekly, which works very well for me. As you know by now, I am an advocate for scrubs and peels, and this regime has both!

All That Glitters

I am a great advocate of anything that sparkles. I have a rail dedicated to the sequin and shimmer that has built up over years.

Organic Make-Up

I don’t by nature buy organic above other brands, just because they are organic, but I know many women do, and it is important to them for different reasons. I have bought organic beauty because I loved the product and…

How I Protect my Face in the Sun

In my teens I used to love the sun. I would lie on tin foil and bask in olive oil like a chicken basting in the oven. In my twenties I did use sunscreen, but to increase my tan… Lancaster SPF 6 brown gunk had fond memories…

Designer vs Drugstore Make-Up: Can You Tell the Difference?

There is nothing I enjoy more, than buying high street clothing which look and feel like a designer item, especially if it becomes as cherishable an item as its expensive counterpart, and cost me a fraction of the price. So last week I thought to myself: can I do the same with make-up? Traditionally I have always bought high end make-up brands, even when I was earning very little money I would rather save up for that Chanel lipstick as it felt very spoiling to me when I knew there was no way at the time that I could do the same with clothing.

Day to Night – Face, Hair and Wear

Today I was rushing home to change for a memorial and then straight out to dinner, so the routine below includes my skincare face wake up and a quick daytime make-up. The products I used: SKIN CARE ROUTINE Rudolf…