Five Great Facial Oils And a Little Massage

Five great facial oils and a little massage. When you have a little time for nurturing your face, consider a facial massage. I used to go to Eve Lom for a facial every few months in my 20s and 30s, and after the intense…

To Culotte or Not?

To Culotte or Not? Everywhere I look I see women in culottes, I only seem to notice the cool girls with their achingly hip trainers to match. Shoreditch London lasses downplaying this very seasonal moment, and West End girls in their stacked heels and nipped in jackets to the waist...

Know What You Can Get Away With

How often have you gone to your wardrobe to find that perfect dress for a night out and a big pile of clothes on the bed/floor later, you feel depressed and desolate that ‘nothing’ works? That your entire wardrobe is warring against you, and your body has totally changed shape/put on weight in the split of a low self esteem moment.

Out Damn'd Spot! Out I Say!

How many of you have worn your hair long over your face, put far too much cover up on, be scared of bright sunshine and restaurants with strong down lights?

Ready To Take The Jump?

Are you ready to take the jump? Jumpsuits have been around for a few years now. On models they look effortless and that perfect combination of fashionable/cool and yet not trying too hard. But in real life it is very hard if you have a disproportionate body to have the confidence to wear. I have bought quite a few over the last few years, but they have remained unworn. My main issue is that I have a very long torso and so g

Mini Skirts: Challenging At Any Age

Wearing a mini skirt can be challenging for any age - everything is on show and if you don't totally love your legs (too short, too chunky, too saggy), it's a look avoided by many. But showing lots of leg can make…
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Summer Classics That Make Some Noise

Summer classics that make some noise. How many of you have a summer wardrobe with more history than a winter one? I have a far more emotional relationship with my summer clothes. They evoke glorious holidays, and feelings…