My Hair Routine, Products and Blow Dry Techniques

I have had long relationships with many hairdressing salons over the years who have all taught me their own technique. I always have some long silver pins to hand for keeps the wave I create whilst I blow dry other sections of my hair, and especially if run out of the different sized round brushes I use to blow dry...

Facial Hair Removal-The Threading Solution

Prepare your skin before threading  Many women are afraid to get those unwanted red spots after the threading, my secret to avoid this is exfoliating my skin so that I have very clean pores before begining the treatment.…

What Coverage Do You Really Need?

TINTED MOISTURISERS WITH SPF Omrovicza Complexion Perfector - £80 This wonderful range has been developed by a Hungarian lady. When you see the fabulous condition of a woman’s skin that is the founder of a brand,…
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How To Fix Lip Lines

Many women suffer from lip lines, they can start in our thirties, and not always for the most obvious reasons of sun damage, smoking, and pursing our lips in disapproval.
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Holiday and Post-Holiday Repair

Having just returned from two weeks away, I feel it’s the best time to say what I actually used on holiday, as opposed to what I took.  I always over-pack for a long summer trip, and as I was on the sea, felt I needed…
Night time routine flat layout

My Night Time Regime

Below are products I have used for the night time routine which I usually do bi-weekly, which works very well for me. As you know by now, I am an advocate for scrubs and peels, and this regime has both!

All That Glitters

I am a great advocate of anything that sparkles. I have a rail dedicated to the sequin and shimmer that has built up over years.

Organic Make-Up

I don’t by nature buy organic above other brands, just because they are organic, but I know many women do, and it is important to them for different reasons. I have bought organic beauty because I loved the product and…

How I Protect my Face in the Sun

In my teens I used to love the sun. I would lie on tin foil and bask in olive oil like a chicken basting in the oven. In my twenties I did use sunscreen, but to increase my tan… Lancaster SPF 6 brown gunk had fond memories…
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Designer vs Drugstore Make-Up: Can You Tell the Difference? There is nothing I enjoy more, than buying high street clothing which look and feel like a designer item, especially if it becomes as cherishable an item as its expensive counterpart,…

Day to Night – Face, Hair and Wear

Today I was rushing home to change for a memorial and then straight out to dinner, so the routine below includes my skincare face wake up and a quick daytime make-up. The products I used: SKIN CARE ROUTINE Rudolf…

Summer Sale Shopping: Do's and Don'ts

I love a bargain, I have bought some of my favourite wardrobe items in the sale, and made some of my biggest mistakes… So what should you consider when you go out in the next couple of weeks bargain hunting? MAKE  A…

Jump to it!

You either love them or loathe them, but jumpsuits are not going anywhere in a hurry, they have morphed from a fashion moment to a wardrobe staple for many women's closets and the High Street. We decided on This Morning…
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Trinny’s Car Essentials

I must live half my life in my car, and half my life is probably in my car…tops, the odd pair of shoes, endless dog leads, hats, bags, emergency food stashes, hair clips, earrings, and that’s just what I found today...

Dare To Bare

How often have you gone into a store, fallen in love with a dress or a top and only to discover in the changing room that it reveals too much in all the wrong places, or your concept of underwear doesn’t allow you to see how it could work on your body?