My Secret Seven Cleansers

Today I begin my new series of Secret Seven, and I decided to start off with my 7 top cleansers. Below I list them in the order I discovered them...

French Pharmacy Shopping

I have discovered, in this hidden backwater in the Haute Savoie, some of my all time favourite products, and this pharmacy just keeps on giving... French pharmacies never fail to disappoint. The atmosphere is...

My Favourite Products for Skin Pigmentation

Consistent use of a vitamin C based routine will help reversing hyperpigmentation. My routine includes, a Vitamin C scrub, vitamin C in a pure form (cream, oil and powder), brightening serums and using SPF all year round.

Drugstore Skincare Ranges I Love

Which drugstore skincare brands really deliver? Do you have to spend to get the right ingredients? I don't always think so, and below are some of my favourite economy and mid-range brands and my hero products.

Winter Morning Routine

As you know by now ladies, Vitamin C is a staple in my beauty routine, but not only as an oil/serum/powder but also in an edible form. I have been taking Vitamin C regularly for 5 years and I haven't had a cold since... This is a very advanced formulation that assures the Vitamin C is promptly absorbed by the body rather than going right through.

Healthy Glow Skincare

It is great to have found a line that deals with adult acne as it is something more and more people are experiencing, especially in a polluted, hectic city like London...

How to Sparkle with Metallics

Do you gravitate to all things shiny? Or does the idea send you running for your LBD? This season the High Street is awash with metallics, sequins, shiny brocades. I used to keep my shimmer wardrobe for night-time, but having…

Glycolic Masks, Dry Shampoos and Mosturizers

Enzyme and glycolic  - two of the most powerful ingredients to resurface your skin,  and now in practically every  sophisticated beauty brand,  but how much can they really change the texture of your skin. Before…

Drugstore Make-up - How To Seek Out The Gems...

Shopping for make-up can range from a delicious joy to an unsatisfactory nightmare. Chemist, drug stores or department emporiums offer us such a large array of goods, it is all nearly too much choice...

Fashion Hacks

If you think you can't wear some of this season's biggest trends then think again. There are many tricks I have gleaned over the years that I use on women who want to hide different parts of their body. Here I choose three…