What is Your Best Nude/Bare Lip?

Many women ask which is their best nude for their skin, hair and eye tones. Nude can be tricky on so many levels...

Which Red Lip Are You?

Finding the right red lip can be tricky - many women avoid a bright lip because they don't know their shade, are worried it comes off on their teeth, or makes them look yellow, or just feel over made up.

My Secret Seven Serums #5

Ladies, let's talk serums... My skin care routine before serums consisted of using a cleanser, perhaps a toner and a moisturiser. When serums came they seemed miraculous products, with nearly mystical formulations, and the perfect consistency - not too light or too heavy.

My Secret 7 Concealers #4

If I had to choose the three items I would not leave home without, concealer would be at the top of this list closely followed by lip&cheek and lip balm.

How I Get My Ideal Brondie Hair Colour

Ladies, It was very difficult for me to find the right colourist, but since I have met Carmel at John Freida's salon I am happy...Watch the full video for more tips and techniques on how to get your hair dyed.

My Secret Seven Foundations

Some of you ladies at this point might know how I feel about foundation and that I generally don’t wear too much. Current trends invite us to cover ourselves in products, to pile layers and layers of foundation, concealer, and then do a bit of contouring

My Secret Seven Exfoliators

I have always exfoliated, since being a teenager with troublesome acne. From aged thirteen to thirty I always thought about my skin, every day, and what I could do not to look such a pizza face. How I could cover up so that people talked to my eyes and NOT my spots.

How To Stay Stylish and Warm This Winter

With temperatures dropping and snow around the corner.... let's keep ourselves warm ladies - but in style. This morning at This Morning I styled three lovely people - Elise, Karen and Penny - with a selection of high street…